Dragonfly efficiency level: quick capture methods for monumental storage of ideas

Last updated on July 29, 2014

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David Allen is the author.

“Your mind is to have ideas, not to hold them.” |

In this case, I define the concept.

This means that the idea can be:.

  • A real, creative idea that you came up with.
  • The article or book you want to read.
  • The task that you want to perform at a later time.
  • The event to receive.
  • The man you’d like to know.
  • Most of these things are not ideas in themselves, but your mind keeps their ideas-and that’s the problem. Even though your brain is essentially a giant parallel processor that can do a lot of things at once, it usually works better if you point it to one task at a time …

    Trying to juggle a bunch of ideas that require future action only hinders your ability to fulfill the idea you’re trying to work on.

    But here’s the problem:

    Great idea for a story when you drive. Your friend tweeted a very interesting article that you can’t read right now because you’re in the DMV. You understand that you need to add a new section to your.

    Because ideas can strike at any time or place, you need a system to capture them, secure them for later use and return to the task …

    What’s more, you need a system that lets you do it.

    If you think about it, rapid capture is not a new technique for any stretch of imagination. In fact, any form of life that has to find other life forms for survival uses rapid capture-simply instead of capturing ideas, they capture their dinner …

    Now, while I stretch my metaphors and apply them here, I could take this opportunity to destroy some of my favorite animal.

    This bird took the idea of rapid capture of its apex, and as a result the fastest animal is alive-when it is sinking, it can reach speed.

    As he came out of his dive, the falcon struck the unsuspecting bird that he hunted in the air with a devastating speed.There’s only one problem … as awesome as a grill falcon.

    In fact, according to.

    Now, let’ s keep this number in mind, let’ s take a look at the other-much smaller-the hunter …

  • They can fly forward, backward, sidestep, and.
  • They can pop up in one place for a minute.
  • Oh, and another little thing about dragonflies …Their staggering effectiveness is contributing to several factors. They’re among the fastest flying insects, and their amazing wing design allows them to maneuver better than most of the things they want to get rid of …

    Dragonflies also have incredibly advanced eyes. While housewives have about 6,000 facets in the eye (those small separate sections that you can see in the macro photos) are at the dragonflies.

    You can also calculate exactly.

    It turns out that extraction from the air is a hell of a challenge. (That’s why.

    The point is that both the grotto and the dragonfly experts. Both of them choose extraction directly from the air with a blisters at speed ..

    However, the dragonfly does it much better-and it is because it carries.

    The principle that works to hunt for dragonflies is only about your own efforts to capture ideas. The more efficient and frictional-the smaller your fast-capture system, the better you can store ideas immediately and easily find them later …

    So what tools do you need for a quick grab? Well, classic choice is also the simplest:

    Dozens of authors, musicians and other famous people spoke of their practice of wearing a notepad wherever they go. Jaye carried a green notebook when he felt it was safe, and even when he went out into the street, he had a quick-grab system to celebrate rhymes:

    “I would go to the store, in the bar, and just pick up a paper bag or buy a juice box just to get a paper bag, and I’ll put words in a paper bag and all these ideas in my pocket until I get back,” he said. Then I will pass them to the address book. “

    Using a quick-grab notebook is a thin technique, and I recommend that you try it if you like to write with pen and paper …

    However, I am a fan of a more modern solution …

  • Looking over my phone all the time.Be prepared for everything.
  • The point is, the second thing is that when we were in New York a couple of years ago for a conference on the blog, we found that we were going to some pretty heavy rain – and I immediately found an umbrella in my bag and was good to go (actually, it’s pretty good to keep it in my backpack). He had to run CVS and buy one …

    So, of course, I almost always have a notebook in my backpack. However, this is not my main tool for rapid capture-this honor is for me.

    I do not have to make a decision about the name of the note, or the address book in which to do so. I’m just opening the app and starting to pour my ideas into it …

    As soon as you’ve written something in the line, you have a lot of options to do with it. You can:.

  • Tweet or post it to Facebook and Google +.
  • Get him or someone else.Create a calendar event or a reminder from it.
  • Store it in Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote.
  • Personally, I like to send my notes to Evernote.

    Since I started using the drafts, I’ve been much better, taking into account my ideas and actually bringing them where I can find and use them. I used to put ideas in the default application and I used to forget about them …

    Again, I prefer to send bounce to Evernot. I use Scanbot mostly to easily digitize my business subscriptions, but it’s also good when I need to draw something …

    Draft projects are the most useful application of quick grab on my phone, and Scanbot is I use quite often. Here are some other applications that, although they are not explicitly used for rapid capture, sometimes come into your hands:

    (Tllo, HabitRPG and Sunrise Calendar are available on Android).

    Although I have a large, powerful computer with two huge monitors on my desk, fast grabbing methods are still useful when I’m at home working on it …

    The main problem I face when I’m at home.

    “Tell me, I wonder how much chimpanka can pull?”

    I usually have a bunch of articles open on a computer …

    The solution for me is a tabbed Web application.

    Pinboard is not the only bookmark in the tab-and, unlike some others, it costs $10 (one-off) to subscribe. I was willing to pay for it after my friend.

    It also has a convenient javascript bookmarklet that I’m bookmarking. Every time I find an interesting article or a cool new tool on “Hunt for the Product,” I just hit that bookmark and saved the Pinboard. Then I’ll work with work …

    Pinboard also has an option that allows you to send you via e-mail to your account, which works well when I want to bookmark an article from Safari on my iPhone …

    Fast capture is just the idea of building a system that will allow you to store your ideas and other little tidbits for later. You can take advantage of two advantages:

  • A system that keeps your ideas safe and easy to access.
  • A way to remove distractions and return to the task you have set.
  • Fast-grab setup requires a little bit of work, but it saves you a lot of time and stress on the road! The more efficient it is (as a dragonfly), you will be the most successful …

    If you are looking for additional performance tips, then.

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