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Ever since I took the Speed Skating exercise in January at the request of one of my friends, and then decided to figure out a figure skating, every morning on weekdays starts with a one-hour ride. Other days, I usually go to the gym …

The adoption of almost daily exercises has raised my general level of health, but I also realized that I am more.

More recently, this fact has been repeatedly confirmed to me; in the last few weeks, when I woke up, I said to myself,

“I have too much work to do today; I need to miss my work and start immediately with it.”

and then proceeded.

So it’s clear that for me.

I’m not alone here, quite a lot.

Regardless of what your views on the nature of the conscious mind are-whether it is pure physical systems or, as Descartes was supposed to be, a separate non-physical phenomenon-it is clear that the function of your physical brain depends on the well-being of the body.

In recent years, however, scientists have begun to discover how complex and complex the relationship is-and how important the puzzle piece is-

For example, they discovered how aerobic exercises could actually contribute.

The researchers also found that physical exercises regulate and optimize the levels of neurotransmitters such as

The exercise has many other extensive effects in the brain, and it has been shown that it is beneficial to people with a number of conditions-from chronic anxiety and depression to ADHD. It also helps us more gracically, and prevents diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

One of the world’s leading researchers on the subject of teaching and the brain.

I hope that after listening to this episode, you will be equipped with a more technical understanding of the key role in brain health-which in turn should give you more ammunition to fight your brain.

After the interview, I also make a few follow-up actions to my personal exercise and the way I took it. Enjoy!This book was the first book I had chosen for my.

You will learn about the good number of ways your brain is learning in this episode, but I would.

  • Attention (and ADHD).
  • In addition, I found that he really gave me good education about many systems of the brain and how they communicate with specific parts of the body ..

    During the reading, I learned about synapses, the different effects of specific neurotransmitters, the functions of specific brain areas (including prefrontal cortex, amygdala, hippocampus, hypothalamus, hypothalamus, hypothalamus, etc.), and more ..

    I’ll say she’s rather perplexing in neuroscience and may be a little difficult, but I think the reward offered by the book is more than it’s worth …

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