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Last updated January 18, 2014

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Do you want to know a simple tactic that will make your CV and put you at the top of the short list of hiring managers?

No, I’m just kidding.True “tactics” is:

-Okay, Tom-what exactly do you mean by that?I’m glad you should ask …

I mean, every time you try to communicate the value that you can offer to someone else,

People are greedy. When they want to buy a product, they want something that promises a concrete end result. Just like someone wants to hire you, they want you to help them.This is why the career consultants will tell you to enumerating the specific achievements of your resume with the figures ..

So I said, “I saved my last company a lot of time and money” – it’s not as valuable as saying, “ I saved my last company for 230 person-hours and $1,955 in two weeks …

In addition, designer students always have to include ready-notepads in their reception projects. The professors want to see the concrete process they have taken on.

Speaking about the importance of the technology notebooks, I would like to show you an absolutely fantastic personal website that I stumbled upon another day …

that doesn’t do that in the slightest. Seriously, you just need to check it out for yourself. The design is great; in fact, it won.

However, Michael’s overall design does not impress me most on his website. Rather, it is the pages that it created for each project in its portfolio ..

While Michael could simply take screenshots on every website he developed and did with him, he decided instead to get the specifics and.

It explains the entire design process, starting with the branding of the site and research, the transition to the development of visual identity, then the user experience, and finally, explaining the development cycle-both for front-end design and for internal code ..

It also includes a section on the results of the project. It includes tweets from other restaurants and people in the industry, commenting on the redesign, and finally reveals that … business has failed …

In addition, Michael is a designer, and his project page shows that the site has actually received excellent feedback from the community ..

But the most important thing is that Michael showed us how he was doing the site planning. He has given us concrete steps that he has taken to achieve the final result …

Here’s an example of how to show the path to the end result can make the product much more attractive …

I am currently working on the first actual book (ep!). To teach yourself how best to go about this process, I recently bought Nathan Barry’s book.

Besides, I didn’ t just buy a book …

Nathan actually offers his book in three different packages. The book itself (actually it doesn’t print) is sold at

I know what you’re probably thinking:” $39 for a book? That’s disbelief. “.

or maybe I’m wrong, and you think it’s cheap because you’re used to being ripped to a local campus bookstore. (If you want to get a bit less,

In any case, most people are likely to agree that $39 is a pretty cool price for an e-book. But many people still buy it because for this price he offers a guide that solves a particular problem:

But wait, I didn’ t pay $39 for Nathan’s book.The Holiyer for company Nathan offers a few cool bonuses to go along with the book: you will get several Photoshop templates for the development of book covers, several video lessons and five videos of interviews with successful authors of ebook

All these things are great, but there is another bonus that I should have had: a.

That’s what I paid the extra $60 for specific instructions on what to do and when to do it. As an author who wants to maximize the display of my first book, this 90-day plan seemed almost.

So you read the examples. You understand the value of a particular. You’re looking at your roommate’s résumé, where it says, “Helip manager with projects” under their notes for their last work and laugh at them. You put their resume on the fire, rip off your clothes and shout, “BEELZEBUB VERNOR,” while your eyes roll to your meal.

-But let’ s get back to the subject. How can you be more specific in presenting your own skills and achievements?

Here are a few ideas:

Some majors are more specific than others.

The students are constantly engaged in projects. Computer science always fits into new pieces of code under their belts. Circus majors always fire guns to make their friends take pictures and build their portfolios …

But other matjors have become more complicated to show concrete achievements ..

If you specialize in psychology, management, marketing-mainly something that does not focus on the hard skill-how did you come up with concrete examples of work to show to employers and recruiters?

I grew up with a lot of people who told me.

but I’m no longer …

You can see, even if you are majeur in “softer” area that does not give you all the time to build things, you can still get out and gain experience that will allow you to be specific in communication of your skills and abilities …

Here are some ideas for getting started:

Example: If you are a major in psychology, you can start a blog that teaches people in psychology-and how they can use this knowledge to improve their lives (overcoming heuristic and biosis, being more attentive, etc.). You can check mine.Communication skills.

  • Leadership quality.
  • Planning and organization of skills.
  • The level of ownership of the computer.
  • Obviously, this should tell you that it will.

  • Take the speech class, attach Toastmasters, or give presentations to Ignite events (.
  • To be an officer on campus on campus to gain leadership experience.
  • Help the club, business, or your local library schedule a big event to get the planning experience.
  • The key is here to get out of there and.

    Wow, that was too …

    In any case, my laptop battery dies, and this coffee shop has too many windows, so it can’t hold that -5,000,000 weather in Iowa, graciously giving us. So I’m gonna spin this …

    Before I leave, I do.

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